The Hartford College and Career Centers Scholarship


The Hartford College & Career Centers Scholarship Program has terminated and is no longer available.
About the Hartford College and Career Centers Scholarship
Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be a high school senior on track to graduate in Spring 2020 OR a Club Alumni who received a high school diploma (including GED) in the Spring 2019.
  • Be an active member, in good standing, at one of the following BGC College and Career Centers powered by the Hartford:
    • BGC of Hartford – Asylum Hill Boys & Girls Club
    • BGC of Green Bay – Bruce W. Nagel Boys & Girls Club
    • BGC of Carson – Carson High School
    • BGC of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme – Harriet H. Samuelsson “The Club” Teen Center
    • BGC of Greater Kansas City – J&D Wagner Unit
    • BGC of Broward County – Leo Goodwin Foundation Teen Center
    • BGC of Greater Memphis – Juice Plus Technical Training Center
    • BGC of San Francisco – Mission Clubhouse
    • BGC of Greater Fort Worth – Nicholas and Louella Martin Branch
    • BGC of Mercer County – Spruce Street Community Center
    • BGC of Albany (OR)
    • BGC of Greater Nashua
    • BGC of the Grand Stand- The CLUB Teen Center
    • BGC of Central Florida- Walt Disney World Clubhouse
    • BGC of Greater Scottsdale- Hartley & Ruth Barker Branch
    • BGC of Portland Metropolitan Area- Blazers BGC
    • BGC of Providence- South Side BGC
    • BGC of the Midlands, Inc. (NE)- South Omaha BGC
    • BGC of the Tennessee Valley- Regal Entertainment Group Teen Center (formerly Moses Teen Center)
    • BGC of the Twin Cities- Mt. Airy Unit
    • BGC of Greater Lowell
    • BGC of Greater Milwaukee – Milwaukee Academy after charter
    • BGC of Newport County – Parl-Holm Boys Club and Girls Club
    • BGC of Cleveland (OH) – East Tech Teen Center
    • BGC of Columbus – Milo Grogan Club
    • BGC of Edinburg Rio Grande Valley – Legacy Center
    • BGC of Greater Gaston – Bradley Teen Center
    • BGC of Hudson County – Jersey City Unit
    • BGC of North Alabama – Cavalry Teen Center (Formerly Sparkman Homes)
    • BGC of Truckee Meadows – Donald W. Reynolds Facility
  • Have been a member of a BGC for the past two years
  • Have participated in at least two workforce development programs at the College and Career Center within the past 12 months (Career Launch, Money Matters, D2D)
  • Plan to enroll in full-time or part-time (minimum 6 credits) undergraduate study at an accredited two or four-year college or vocational-technical school or a registered apprenticeship program in pursuit of their career pathway no later than December 31, 2020
  • Have the recommendation of a Club staff professional assigned to oversee the College and Career Center

Two scholarships will be awarded at $10,000 each.

Awards are for education-related expenses for postsecondary studies.

Recipients must show proof of high school graduation and acceptance to a postsecondary institution before receiving any scholarship money. Scholarships are to be used for education-related expenses for postsecondary studies. The scholarships are intended to be last-dollar awards to fill any unmet financial need after all other financial aid has been applied, until the full amount of $10,000 has been used. Upon acceptance of the award, the recipient will be required to provide the school’s financial aid award letter. If last-dollar financial need is less than $10,000, the award may be paid out over more than one year. Award will be managed by Scholarship America and will be distributed, as needed. Award checks will be made payable to the postsecondary institution for the recipient’s account.

Any unused amount at the completion of the student’s course of study or apprenticeship program will be returned to BGCA.

Awards are one-time only and not renewable.

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be selected based on consideration of the applicant’s statement on how participation in the College and Career Center activities has impacted their life, given them specific skills to prepare them for success in postsecondary education and/or employment, and helped to develop their future career goals and education pathway towards these goals. Other factors considered will be academic performance, involvement in College and Career Center activities, volunteer and paid work experience, financial need, and a BGC staff recommendations.

Applicants will be required to write two essays (approximately 500 word each) within the application on their participation in the College and Career Center activities and their projected plan for the future:

1. Describe your participation in the College and Career Center program and activities
2. Which activity(ies) was most meaningful and impactful for you and why?
2. What specific skills did you learn through the College and Career Center that will help you succeed in the future?

1. What are your future career goals and education plans to reach your goals?
2. How did the College and Career Center help you develop your goals and plans?
2. How will this scholarship be used to support your future goals and plans?

The recommendation must be completed by a Club staff professional. The recommendation will include: 1) How has the applicant demonstrated involvement in and support of Boys & Girls Clubs? 2) Discuss the candidate’s participation in the College and Career Center programs and activities. 3) Why do you recommend this candidate for the Hartford College and Career Centers scholarship?

Scholarship America will select recipients based on the above criteria. Recipients must demonstrate financial need.

Application Process

Students complete and submit application online, and upload the their high school transcript or GED certificate.